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Lunenburg Craft & Food Festival 2018

This past week was the annual Lunenburg Craft & Food Festival right here in my home town and I had the pleasure of having a table of soaps, creams, and body care to share with the public!

Soap display
Manning the table at the Lunenburg Craft Festival

Over the space of two days my brilliant and beautiful daughter and I manned the table and got the chance to interact with customers, tourists, and a wide array of fun and wonderful people who came out to say hello. Everyone was lovely and I got a great deal of important feedback that will help me in the future. Most notably a few little birdies suggested I add more citrus scents to my line, and a patchouli soap was the most requested item that I did not have in stock (Wow! How did I miss that one??)

Cotton Candy Bath Bombs and Confection Whipped Body Butter were the biggest sellers over all, because who doesn't want to have soft, supple skin that smells like sugary treats? Amongst the bar soaps Sea Witch and Zombie were the best sellers, closely followed by Pirate. Unicorn Cream Soap was also a popular purchase.

Our next show will be in Sydney N.S. at Capercon, the largest comic-con in Cape Breton, on September 21-23rd of this year. In the meantime I am building up stock and designing some new items to help fill the holes that were pointed out to me. Keep your eyes peeled for a "Hippy-Dippy" soap scented with patchouli! And keep the feedback coming!

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