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June Soaps!

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

A look at the month of June and why Kaleidosoap doesn't have a strictly "masculine" soap.

Hirtle's Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada
Summer is here and there are soaps to go with it!

Well folks, It's June! The midway month and the gateway to summer. June is a month of looking forward, as the whole summer lays before us and we can finally pack away our parkas for a while. So let's take a look at soaps that are fun for the month of June!

Solstice Soap
Who wants Solstice Soap to make a comeback?

First of all, June is the month of the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, and the beginning of summer. Solstice was often celebrated by Pagans with candles, lights, and huge bonfires, as a symbolic way of welcoming back the sun. Kaleidosoap's Solstice Soap was originally inspired by the first of summer and it was a beautiful sunrise spectrum scented with all natural essential oils to resemble the sacred summer bonfire. Sadly I haven't made any Solstice soap in a while, but that may have to change!

June is also the month of Father's Day, a day to celebrate all the Dad's out there who come in all shapes and sizes. A lot of soapers market their "handy-man" soaps for Father's Day (like our Steampunk Soap), or shaving soap (like our Ugly Mugs Shaving Soap), or beer soaps (like our Dwarven Stout Soap) because they are often seen as "masculine" soaps.

Margarita Twist Soap
Margarita Twist Soap is great for celebrating summer!

However, at Kaleidosoap, we tend not to make or sell soaps in terms of "masculine" and "feminine" because we think that dichotomy is too limiting. What if your dad is into traditionally feminine things? What if your dad is trans, queer, intersexed, or non-binary? What if your mom is your dad? What if your dad is not in your life and you're celebrating them with a soap for yourself? That's why all of our soaps are great for any gender. Steampunk Soap is scented with pine and works great in the workshop (traditionally masculine) and the kitchen (traditionally feminine). Ugly Mugs Shaving Soap is scented with a lovely aloe spa fragrance that is delightfully gender neutral and it works great on whatever part of your body you need to shave. Dwarven Stout Soap is made with extra stout ale and it smells of oatmeal, milk, and honey, which is a flat out delicious scent on anybody's skin!

Winchester Soap
Winchester soap scented like gun powder

Winchester Soap is a great option if you're shopping for a classically "masculine" soap, because it's all about hunters and it has a unique and spicy scent with a gun powder bottom note (despite gun powder being a super sexy scent on a woman too). And if all else fails, Margarita Twist Soap is a brilliant choice no matter the occasion.

Pride Soap
June is Pride month!

But if you're only looking for one soap for the month of June we have to recommend our Pride Soap. It's bright, beautiful, and fun, like the summer weather. It's got a gender neutral fragrance of night blooming pomegranate, so it is suitable for all the fathers of any shape, colour, size, direction, or interest. Add to that the colouring that celebrates Pride (did I mention June is also Pride month?) and it is a perfect choice!

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