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July Soaps and Such!

A look at the month of July and how to stay clean and cool!

Hirtles Beach, Nova Scotia
It's beach time again!

July brings with it beach weather and a yearning for the sea. Here on the South Shore of Nova Scotia we have a long and colourful nautical history including the smuggling of Rum. Rum Runners, as these smugglers were known, made their fortunes smuggling rum and other spirits from as far away as the West Indies in order to avoid heavy taxation or circumvent prohibition laws. While highly illegal, the Rum Runners have managed to retain a bit of the romanticized glamour akin to pirates. Our Rum Runner Soap is a tribute to the many sailors and bootleggers who helped to build the towns and communities on the South Shore that still thrive today.With colourful ocean waves and the scent of hot buttered rum, this soap is an excellent choice for your shower.

The summer months come with great heat, usually at it's peak in July, and few cultures are better at dealing with skin care in the heat than the ancient Egyptians. Our Pharaoh Soap is a tribute to the luxury and majesty of the mighty Pharaohs who ruled the deserts and the Nile Valley. Made with thick nourishing goat's milk, raw silk, and delicious moisturizing honey, this bar is a decadent delight for heat parched skin.

If you find you need an extra kick to deal with dry skin try our Sphinx Hand and Body Lotion. Absolutely packed with luxury oils like borage, avocado, mango butter, and calendula, this lotion isn't fooling around! Top it off with the enigmatic fragrance of desert musk and ghost blossom, and you'll feel like you have the power and mystery of the mighty sphinx at Giza.

If you're the gardening type, then the summer months are the busiest and most fun. Up to your elbows in plants and dirt, you're going to need a good soap to get clean again. Our Garden Gnome Soap is inspired by secretive and magical gnomes who were believed to have special powers over plant life. Made with cucumber extract, the green, herbal scent of tomato leaf, and mud all the way from the Dead Sea, this soap is excellent for scrubbing yourself clean and carrying the smell of the garden with you wherever you go.

Beach weather and the tropics also go hand in hand. Our Voodoo Soap is inspired by the occult practices often found in the south and throughout the tropical islands of the Caribbean. Made with pure, thick coconut milk and luxurious mango butter, and scented with papaya, mango, and coconut, this bar is a tropical delight you shouldn't miss.

And what would the summer be with out a trip to the fair? Who doesn't love a day full of crazy rides, exhibitions, games, and treats? Inspired by the childhood joy in a day at the fair, our Cotton Candy Bath Bombs come in sweet pink and sugary blue and smell of delicious clouds of candy floss. Coloured with water soluble dyes, these bombs will fill your bath with colour, fizz, moisturizing sweet almond oil, and a great candy scent but won't leave a ring around the tub when you're done!

So this July try some of our amazing soaps and such and stay clean, stay cool, and stay smelling great!

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