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August & The Nautical Line

August is here and with it, more recommendations on excellent soaps and body care from Kaleidosoap! As the summer drags on and the heatwave takes it's toll, we've decided to showcase our line of products with nautical inspirations so that even if you can't get to the beach, you can have a bit of the sea in your shower.

We're going to start out above the waves with legendary pirates! Documented as far back as the 14th Century, pirates are maritime criminals who engage in robbery and other criminal acts, usually focused on other boats or coastal communities and forts. Known for their nautical talents, flamboyant appearances (which were largely inspired by a rebellion against Sumptuary laws of the time), and their association with great wealth and treasure, pirates such as Black Beard, Anne Bonny, Black Bart, and Ching Shih have made their marks in the history books. Inspired by these famous maritime villains, our Pirate Soap is scented with a dark, spicy blend reminiscent of the exotic and expensive spices plundered from shipping routes, and topped with gold sea salt and sugar pearls. Coloured with beautiful ocean swirls of deep water blue, sea green, and wave cap white, this soap is an excellent way to live out your dreams of being the most feared and legendary pirate on the seven seas without ever leaving your tub!

Rum Runner Soap
Rum Runner Soap

Similar to pirates, but more focused on smuggling rather than robbery, are Rum Runners. Making their fortunes by illegally smuggling rum (as well as other alcohols) via ship, the Rum Runners managed to sneak bootlegged rum under the noses of various governments, avoiding excessive taxes and circumventing the laws of prohibition of the day. While this was, and is, highly illegal, Rum Runners have managed to achieve legendary status among many of the coastal communities of Nova Scotia, communities that grew and thrived on the money that smuggling provided. Our Rum Runner Soap is a tribute to these criminals of old who helped to build the towns that now populate the shores of Nova Scotia. With the delicious scent of hot, buttered rum, and an intricate design reminiscent of the ocean, this soap is a piece of truly epic Nova Scotian and maritime history.

Sea Witch Soap
Sea Witch Soap

As a sailor, criminal or otherwise, it was always a good idea not to anger any of the many beasts or magical creatures of the sea. Sea Witches (also known as Sea Hags) were believed to be sorcerers of the sea. Normally depicted as female, they could control the winds, weather, or the size and type of a fisherman's catch. Some were thought to be so powerful they had complete control over the oceans, tides, and even the moon, not to mention they could retrieve shipwrecked treasures and summon the lost souls of sailors that drowned at sea. Subsequently it was an extremely bad idea to anger a sea witch. Our Sea Witch Soap is a tribute to the magical and powerful women who controlled the waters and is loaded with powdered Atlantic kelp, beautiful green spirulina seaweed, and the scent of a brewing ocean storm.

Mermaid Cream Soap
Mermaid Cream Soap

Mermaids are mythical creatures who appear in nautical folklore across time and all over the world. A beautiful creature with the torso and face of a woman but the tail of a fish, mermaids are depicted as being either associated with tragedies (such as floods, shipwrecks, or drownings) or as creatures of beneficence who provide boons to those that find them. Sometimes shown to love humans, and other times believed to lure sailors into the depths where they drown, mermaids have enthralled humans since their first appearance in ancient Assyria. Our Mermaid Cream Soap is made with healing aloe vera oil and vitamin E, swirled with the iridescent colours of a fish's tail, and scented with an amazing sea salt based scent that will make you anxious for more. Each jar is topped with a colourful, solid soap, mermaid tail to make your experience even more fun and magical!

Siren Shower Gel
Siren Shower Gel

Similar to mermaids, but believed to be half human and half bird, the Greek Sirens made their homes along coast lines where they would sing. Their song was considered to be so enchanting that any sailor that heard it would be drawn to its source where invariably their ships would be dashed against the rocks of the coast and all aboard would parish. Most famous for their appearance in Homer's Odyssey, Sirens have appeared in tales and folklore across time, including the works of Franz Kafka and Leonardo DaVinci. Inspired by the allure of the Siren, our Siren Shower Gel is deep sea blue and scented with an enchanting blend of sea salt, coastal cypress, and sun bleached driftwood. Just add a dab to a loofah or shower puff and be carried away by a flood of sea foam suds!

All told, the seas are the home of some powerful and legendary beings and to this day remain a place of unexplored magic and amazement. Whether you wanted to be a pirate as a kid, grew up in communities built on smuggling, or wished you were one of many enticing nautical creatures of myth, Kaleidosoap has a soap for you! So suds up and set sail for ocean inspired adventure without ever leaving your home!






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