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Our Story & Staff

Hirtle's Beach, Kingsburg N.S.
About Kaleidosoap

Located in the historic and picturesque community of Lunenburg, Nova scotia,  Kaleidosoap is a small company dedicated to producing handmade, artisanal bath & body products of impeccable craftsmanship and beautiful artistry inspired by magic, myth, legend, lore, history, art, science fiction, fantasy, the supernatural, and a general love of weirdness and nerditude. Informed by a positive understanding of both physical and mental health care, and driven by the principle of a kaleidoscope which allows you to look through broken pieces and still find beauty, each unique item is made by hand in small batches, to ensure the maximum attention to each individual work of art. 


The Staff

Owner/Operator/Alchemist: Arwen Falvey

Arwen started making soap in 1997 and she learned the hard way through study, research, calculating massive chemical equations by hand, and experimentation. When she started there were no convenient soap calculators available, no forums or support groups to lean on, and many everyday ingredients, such as coconut oil, couldn't even be found in health food stores yet. She studied chemistry while earning a BA in Psychology and then joined the Canadian Armed Forces where she served as a QL5 Medical Technician and completed a tour of duty in Afghanistan. After returning to Canada, disabled and struggling with PTSD, she found peace and comfort in the therapeutic effects of creating soap art, and so Kaleidosoap was born! 

Head Sales & Aesthetics Advisor: Aislinn Falvey

With a brilliant eye for beauty and detail, a well of creativity that is likely bottomless, and a talent for keeping everyone around her happy and sane, Aislinn has been a part of Arwen's soapmaking since very shortly after she was born. When she isn't writing or creating on her own you can be sure to find her smiling face behind the Kaleidosoap table at any of our shows. She is the "go to" voice of support and advice that Kaleidosoap depends on when it comes to image and sales, as well as contributing the inspiration behind such creations as the Margarita Twist Soap and all things Vampire!

2014-04-27 13.22.37.jpg

Sales & Advice Guru: Conor Falvey

New Stuff 010.JPG

Executive Disapprovalist: Schizophrenic (A.K.A Skitty)

A little crazy and a lot of lovely, Skitty can be found sleeping, eating, demanding lovins, or looking completely unimpressed by everything. With an epic "resting disapproval face" and an uncanny ability to know when her humans are having a tough day and need some attention, she is the undeniable queen of the house!


Chief Therapeutic Officer: Grimalkin (A.K.A. Grim)

This small grey fuzzball is impossibly adorable and loaded with love and affection for her people. With her innocent face, super soft fur, and tiny little cry it's often hard to stop cuddling her. Whenever her human is feeling down, tired, or sad she is there to soothe, calm, and snuggle away the pain. Her favourite place to be is up high on someones shoulders or asleep in the crook of a welcoming arm.


Head of Security/Lead Inspector: Strangely Brown (A.K.A. Strange)

Often called "Mr. Man", this furry little weirdo isn't phased by anything and is interested in absolutely everything! With a belly begging to be rubbed, a dedication to "serious business sleeping", and a strange penchant for the ice dispenser in the fridge, he keeps things fun and interesting wherever he goes. He can usually be found guarding stacks of products waiting to be shipped or just generally sniffing around and making sure everything is just right.

No matter the occasion, Conor can be counted on for adding wisdom, eloquence, and her own brand of peculiar and delightful humour. Often found behind our table at shows or talking sense into the rest of the staff when we're all in a tizzy, she has a talent for making people feel at home, even if that means hiding in boxes with the cats! A pillar of intelligence and a veritable catalogue of geeky and freaky knowledge, Kaleidosoap wouldn't be the same without her.

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